Orifice Plate Restriction and Measurement

Cameron offers an expertise in the design, sizing and manufacture of two broad varieties of orifice plates; those used for the measurement of fluids (measurement orifice) and those used for the control of the movement of a fluid (orifice plate restriction). Both types are available in a broad range of materials for line sizes of ½” though 60”.

Measurement Orifice Plates

Used to determine the rate of flow of a fluid, a measurement orifice is precisely sized and manufactured in compliance to an international standard of ISO, API, ASME, AGA, etc. Specific styles are offered for installation into the following types of pipe fittings which are also offered by Cameron:

  • Orifice Flange Unions (OFU), offered with a variety of face style
  • Single or Dual chamber orifice fittings
  • Orifice Holding blocks
  • 2” sonic velocity gas flow provers

Restriciton Orifice Plates

Restriction orifices are specially designed for the rigors of very high differential pressures associated with the intended purpose of reducing the flowing pressure or the rate of flow. Consultation services offered by Cameron evaluate the processes conditions and desired result to provide guidance on the plate thickness, material, edge finish and bore of the restriction. Designs include factory assembled multi-stage assemblies for the purposes, where required, of maintaining sub-sonic flow.

As a manufactuerers representative for Cameron Measurement Systems, Proflow Instrumentation Systems offers the Nuflo Orifice Plate for flow measurement and flow restriction, as well as Nuflo Orifice Flange Unions and Nuflo Orifice Accessories.

Download Orifice Fitting/Meter Run Application Data sheet (PDF)