Process Control White Papers

Do you have trouble finding information for your specific application? We're accumulating process control white papers as part of our commitment to becoming your go-to source for process control information and solutions. Let us know if you have a specific situation that you want to see covered and we'll do our best to include it.

Hycontrol Replaces Gama Radiation with Microwave at Omya UK

Omya UK is a leading supplier of white minerals such as Calcium Carbonate both in the UK and around the world as part of Omya AG a multi-national company based in Switzerland. Omya operates in a wide variety of industrial markets ranging from paper, plastics, rubber, coatings and adhesives … [Read more...]

Microsense Blocked Chute Detection

Microsense Blocked Chute Detection the Choice of Pątnów II Power Plant In Poland Pątnów II Power Plant is owned and operated by ZE PAK SA who delivers about 8.5% of all electricity generated in Poland and is the second largest producer of electricity obtained from brown coal in this country. … [Read more...]

Hycontrol Microwave Flow Switch

Microwave Flow Switch Replaces Nucleonic Devices In Blocked Chute Detection Applications Hycontrol’s Microsense thrubeam microwave flow switch system is being successfully utilised in demanding blocked chute detection applications, thousands of miles apart. The installations, one on the primary … [Read more...]

Hycontrol Microsense Microwave Switch

Hycontrol Replaces Gama Radiation with Microwave Switch in Argentina Hycontrol’s Microsense Microwave Switch system is being successfully utilised in Blocked Chute Detection (BCD) applications at the Bajo de la Alumbrera Copper - Gold mine in northwest Argentina where they have replaced … [Read more...]

Ultra Low Frequency Ultrasonic Transmitter

Ultra Low Frequency Ultrasonic Proves No Problem for PFA Dust at Uttam Galva Steels Uttam Galva Steels Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of cold rolled steel ("CR") and galvanized steel (GP) in Western India. The Company is into the business of procuring hot rolled steel ("HR") and … [Read more...]

Low Frequency Ultrasonic Transmitter

Low Frequency Ultrasonic Transmitter System Help Optimise the Floatation Cell Process in the Mining Industry One of the most important process operations in a Mining Concentrator is the Flotation Cell area. Profitability of the Mining Concentrator plant is largely attributable to this area of … [Read more...]

Hycontrol Microflex C Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Microflex-C ER Ultrasonic Level Transmitter the Choice of Anglo Platinum for Unki Mine in Zimbabwe Anglo American Platinum Limited (Amplats) is the world's leading primary producer of platinum group metals  (PGMs) and accounts for about 40% of the world's newly mined platinum. The Company is … [Read more...]

Liquiflex Programmable Level Controller

Liquiflex Plc Pumps Iron Ore Slurry 200Km For Sanmarco in Brazil Sanmarco is one of the largest Iron Ore producing companies in Brazil. Founded in 1977, Samarco is a privately held Brazilian mining company, controlled in equal parts by two shareholders: Vale S.A. and BHP Billiton. Their main … [Read more...]

Hycontrol Modular Reflex Scanning System

Considerable Savings For ARC Northern ARC Roadstone Quarry had tried traditional mechanical methods of detecting the level of aggregates without too much success. Having tried a Reflex system on a single primary surge bin and found it to be successful they have now installed a ten point Reflex … [Read more...]

Powder Storage Silo Risks

Silo Protection Auto Shut Off Systems Silo Protection Many industries such as food, pharmaceutical and quarry, handle and transport millions of tonnes of product every year. This product comes in many different shapes, sizes and densities, but a great deal is shipped in powder and particulate … [Read more...]