Temperature Transmitter

Temperature Transmitter

Status USB Temperature Transmitter

SEM 206 Configurable In Head Temperature Transmitter Features Simple configuration via USB port Configurable in seconds RTD — PT100 and thermocouple versions Input/Output isolation Over range LED indicator Programmable burnout 10 year warranty Introduction The SEM206P & … [Read more...]

Status Isolating Thermocouple Transmitter

Model SEM 1500/TC Description The Status isolating thermocouple transmitter is a universal thermocouple input DIN rail mounted transmitter designed to accept most common thermocouple types and to isolate and convert them to the industry standard 4-20 mA transmission signal. Automatic cold junction … [Read more...]

Status SEM 215 Temperature Transmitter

Din Rail Universal Temperature Transmitter Features Universal Input Compact DIN Rail Mounted Galvanically Isolated Loop Powered Quick Selector/PC Configurable "Fast Wiring" Tension Clamp Introduction The SEM215 is a universal DIN rail mount temperature transmitter that accepts … [Read more...]