Temperature Instruments

Temperature Instruments

From basic thermometers to thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, and temperature transmitters, ProFlow Instrumentation Systems has a temperature instrument for virtually any application. In addition to temperature sensors we also supply head mounted and DIN rail mounted temperature transmitters, thermowells and a full line of accessories.

SOR Specialty Sensors

SOR Controls Group manufactures a complete line of thermocouple elements, RTD sensors, thermowells, industrial assemblies and specialty temperature sensors at our SOR and SSi facilities. Products include multipoint temperature sensors, sanitary RTDs, high temperature furnace thermocouples, … [Read more...]

SOR Sensors With Well Assemblies

SOR Controls Group manufactures a complete line of thermocouple elements, RTD sensors, thermowells, industrial assemblies and specialty temperature sensors at our SOR and SSi facilities. Products include multipoint temperature sensors, sanitary RTDs, high temperature furnace thermocouples, … [Read more...]

SOR Thermocouples

Smart Models 1100 and 1200 M.I. Cable Thermocouple Elements All industrial thermocouples are manufactured using a high purity mineral oxide insulation and a metallic sheath. The standard sheath material unless otherwise noted is 316 SS. The ODs found in this section are those that are typically … [Read more...]

SOR Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)

Smart Models 1150 and 1250 All resistance temperature detectors are 100% tested to insure that the accuracy and the continuity of the product have not been affected by the manufacturing process. The standard sheath material on all resistance temperature detectors specified in this section is 316SS. … [Read more...]

Status DM3400 Digital Temperature Indicator

DM3400 Series Intelligent Digital Indicators Introduction The DM3400  are a series of highly accurate and stable digital temperature indicator. The DM3410 and DM3411 are for Temperature indication, and the DM3420 and DM3421 for Process. Designed without compromise, the DM3400 series uses … [Read more...]

Status USB Temperature Transmitter

SEM 206 Configurable In Head Temperature Transmitter Features Simple configuration via USB port Configurable in seconds RTD — PT100 and thermocouple versions Input/Output isolation Over range LED indicator Programmable burnout 10 year warranty Introduction The SEM206P & … [Read more...]

Status Isolating Thermocouple Transmitter

Model SEM 1500/TC Description The Status isolating thermocouple transmitter is a universal thermocouple input DIN rail mounted transmitter designed to accept most common thermocouple types and to isolate and convert them to the industry standard 4-20 mA transmission signal. Automatic cold junction … [Read more...]

Status LED Temperature Indicator

Loop Powered Models DM700I and DM720 Features Push button programming (no reference signal required) Loop Powered 4 Digit LED Display Local Transmitter Display (Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature, RH, etc) Hart Transparent Push Button User Trim DM700I Introduction The DM700 I Cap … [Read more...]

Status Digital Thermometer

Battery Powered Models DM640TC and DM640P Features Battery Powered Digital Thermometer 4 Digit Display RTD or Thermocouple Input Push Button Configurable Atex Approved in ABS Housing (optional) Explosion Proof & Nema4X Housings Encapsulated Electronics … [Read more...]

Status SEM 215 Temperature Transmitter

Din Rail Universal Temperature Transmitter Features Universal Input Compact DIN Rail Mounted Galvanically Isolated Loop Powered Quick Selector/PC Configurable "Fast Wiring" Tension Clamp Introduction The SEM215 is a universal DIN rail mount temperature transmitter that accepts … [Read more...]