Process Controller

Process Controller

Our process controllers offer ease of use and rugged design as well as the intelligence it takes to handle the varied applications in industry. Our controllers can handle applications ranging from advanced PID control to something as simple as a level controller for a sump. Give us a call if you have a process controller application that is challenging.. We can help.

Sigma Hydro Pneumatic Pump Controller

Myriad "HPC" Hydro Pneumatic Pump Controller Standard Features Microprocessor Based Graphic LCD Display 5 Function keys Isolated 24VDC Sensor Power 4/20MA, 1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10VDC Input 2 Analog Inputs 6 Digital Inputs 4 Analog Outputs 4 Relay Outputs 5 AMP 4 Digital … [Read more...]

Sigma Myriad Float Pump Controller

With 'Smart' Float Monitoring The Sigma Myriad FPC is a microprocessor based instrument for the control of duplex or triplex pump down systems  as found in sewage lift stations/wet wells, WAS and RAS tanks, etc. The unit provides complete control of up to 3 pumps with pump alternation/sequencing, … [Read more...]