Pressure Instruments

Pressure Instruments

SOR 815 DT Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

The 815DT smart differential pressure transmitter is a rugged, compact, loop powered instrument that is ideally suited for hazardous locations and hostile environments where space is limited. The 815DT smart differential pressure transmitter offers many industry standard outputs to meet applications … [Read more...]

SOR 815PT Smart Pressure Transmitter

HART® 7 & MODBUS RTU (RS-485) CAPABLE The robust and compact 815PT smart pressure transmitter from SOR Inc.  is designed for use in hazardous locations and hostile environments where  space is limited. Its rugged construction and a 3 year warranty reduces the  cost of ownership. The 815PT … [Read more...]

Fuji Gage Pressure Transmitter

The Fuji gage pressure transmitter accurately measures gage pressure and transmits a proportional 4 to 20mA signal. The transmitter utilizes a unique micromachined capacitance silicon sensor with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to provide exceptional performance and … [Read more...]

Barton 228C Differential Pressure Switch

Models 227C, ITS, 228C, 752 Transmitter, 753 Transmitter The Barton differential pressure  switch is available in a variety of safe working pressures and differential pressure ranges for measurement of differential pressure, flow rate, and liquid level applications. Actuating Unit (DPU) The … [Read more...]

Fuji Absolute Pressure Transmitter

AIII FKA EDSX5-91f The Fuji FCX -AIII EDSX5-91f absolute pressure transmitter accurately measures absolute pressure and transmits a proportional 4 to 20mA signal. The AIII EDSX5-91f absolute pressure transmitter utilizes a unique micromachined capacitance silicon sensor with state-of-the-art … [Read more...]

Fuji Differential Pressure Transmitter

FCX-AIII Series Hydroseal Diaphragm Version for Flow Over 1,000,000 FCX Series differential pressure  transmitters have already been delivered worldwide.The Micro-capacitance silicon sensor that we produced with our micro-machining technology is the key component of FCX-AIII differential pressure … [Read more...]

Fuji FCX-AIII Pressure Transmitter

The Fuji FCX-AIII pressuretransmitter series  were introduced in 1989 and have an installed base of more than one million. The FCX-AIII Series is the latest pressure transmitter model demonstrating improved accuracy and long-term stability. The FCX-AIII provides superior reliability, simplified … [Read more...]

SOR Differential Pressure Swtich

Series 20 SOR’s Series 20 differential pressure switch is essentially a Static “O” Ring type pressure sensor with a bias pressure. The housing is pressurized by clean, dry air or inert gas instead of atmospheric pressure. This reference (bias pressure) opposes the process pressure. Housings are … [Read more...]

SOR Opposed Piston Differential Pressure Switch

The SOR opposed piston differential pressure switch is essentially two Static “O” Ring Switch type pressure sensors connected at opposite ends of a common piston shaft. Housings are weathertight or explosion proof. Switching elements are SPDT or DPDT. Application Information Basic models with … [Read more...]

SOR Switches For Process Applications

Pressure and Vacuum Switches For Process Applications SOR® Pressure Switches are rugged field-mounted instruments. The pressure sensing element of the SOR  switch is a force-balance, piston-actuated assembly. The sensing element is sealed by a flexible diaphragm and a static o-ring. A … [Read more...]