iPhones To Be Entirely Assembled By Robots

For years Taiwanese manufacturer Foxcon Electronics has assembled most of the iPhones sold worldwide at its Chinese factories. This arrangement originally became attractive to Apple due to the large disparity in wages between Chinese and Western workers, but times have changed. Foxconn recently … [Read more...]

Robots Primary Cause Of American Manufacturing Job Loss

It is common to hear people bemoan the "offshoring" of  American manufacturing jobs, and they are disappearing. America has lost seven million manufacturing jobs since the peak manufacturing employment year of 1979. The most common perception is that these jobs have been moved to low wage countries … [Read more...]

Solar Systems That Can Work At Night

New System Is 20 Times More Efficient Significant advances in the efficiency of solar systems and the invention of concentrating solar arrays have been tempered by the same set of problems: the sun doesn't shine when it's cloudy or at night. While battery technology may prove to be effective for … [Read more...]

Robots Displace Chinese Factory Workers

Demand For Robots Will Increase To 150,000 by 2018 The Wall Street Journal reports that changes in Chinese manufacturing will result in dramatically higher rates of automation. While most of us think of cheap labour as a fundamental reason for China's ascendance to manufacturing dominance, several … [Read more...]

2015 Canadian National Building Codes Now Official

600 Odd Changes To The 2015 Building, Plumbing and Fire Codes Canadians are demanding safer, healthier and more accessible construction where they live, work and play. To address these demands, some 600 changes were introduced in the National Model Construction Codes, now known as Codes Canada. The … [Read more...]

Scientists Develop Spray on Solar Panels

Efficient organometal halide perovskite based photovoltaics were first demonstrated in 2012. They are now a very promising new material for solar cells as they combine high efficiency with low materials costs. A team of scientists at the University of Sheffield were the first to fabricate perovskite … [Read more...]

Japan Building World’s Largest Floating Solar Plant

What happens when a country challenged for agricultural space wants to deploy solar arrays? Kyocera Corp has decided to build one on a freshwater reservoir created by a dam. Containing 51,000 solar modules, the 13.7 megawatt project is a joint venture of Kyocera TCL and Kyocera Corp, and will … [Read more...]

Japanese Company Creates First Robotic Lettuce Farm

100% Robotic Lettuce Farm Will Locate in Kyoto Spread, a Japanese company, has announced in a news release plans to build the world's first robotic vegetable farm. Scheduled to open in 2017, the farm will be "fully automated from seedling to harvest" and will be able to produce 30,000 heads of … [Read more...]

Top Canadian Infrastructure Projects

We're keeping an eye on top Canadian infrastructure projects in order to see which might translate into opportunities for factory automation and process control instrumentation. You can see the complete list at top100projects.ca. The value of the top 100 Canadian infrastructure projects has … [Read more...]

Liberal Construction Election Opportunities

Construction and Infrastructure Opportunities Following The Liberal Election The victorious federal  Liberal Party of Canada swept to power after campaigning on a platform of deficit spending for infrastructure development, transit, and affordable housing.  Recognizing that this would represent … [Read more...]