Power Supplies

power supplies

Proflow has a range of power supplies for instrumentation and control. They provide 10 to 48 VDC and up to 600 Watts, All power supplies are DIN / Panel mount. Our suppliers include Emphatic and Status Instruments

Emphatec DC Plus Power Supply

Emphatec offers great deals for your DC power supply needs. Buy a DC PLUS™ power supply together with our terminal blocks and you save money. And we make it easy – order one catalog number and you get a kit including the power supply, fuse terminals for the 24V power, feedthrough terminals for the … [Read more...]

SEM 1300 Power Supply

DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply Description The SEM1300 is a DIN rail mounted power supply that provides a regulated 24V DC output @ 250mA from an AC supply ranging from 90 to 253V AC 50/60 Hz. The SEM1300 power supply is ideally suited for powering 24V process instrumentation and signal … [Read more...]