Level Transmitter

Level Transmitter

Measuring level by differential pressure using a level transmitter has always been one of the classic methods. It is so basic and reliable a technology that it is frequently used as a backup where other level measurement techniques are employed. Proflow vendors manufacture lines of pressure transmitters that have been specifically developed for the high specifications required for accurate level measurement.

MTLT-5000 Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

Magne-Trac Liquid Level Transmitter Quest-Tec Solutions supplies the MTLT-5000 magnetostrictive level transmitter  as well as traditional sight glasses and conductivity type remote level transmitters. This wide range of products for level transmitters  allows Quest-Tec Solutions the option of … [Read more...]

Magne-Trac Magnetic Level Transmitter

The Magne-Trac magnetic level transmitter from Quest-Tec solutions provides one of the safest and most economical ways to meet your level measurement requirements.In applications for extreme pressure, temperature, vibration, and highly corrosive or hazardous material, the Magne-Trac level … [Read more...]

SOR RF Capacitance Level Transmitter

Model 670 The Model SOR Model 670 RF capacitance level transmitter provides continuous level measurement and a 4-20 mA linear output. It is a high-performance, general-purpose level transmitter that is well suited for many demanding applications that other technologies cannot … [Read more...]

Sigma 7000 PVC Submersible Level Sensor

The Series 7000 PVC submersible level sensor is specially designed  to meet the harsh environments encountered in industrial, municipal, and ocean water pressure and/or depth measurements. The electronics are enclosed in a PVC housing, isolated from the process by a 316SS or Teflon coated Polyimide … [Read more...]

Sigma 5000MP Submersible Level Transducer

Small Bore Microprocessor Based Submersible Level Transducer Sigma Controls Series 5000MP level transmitters have been specifically designed for level monitoring in commercial and municipal water wells where space is limited. The solid state piezo-resistive sensing element is enclosed in an ultra … [Read more...]