Level Indicator

Level Indicator

Level indicators are used in a variety of applications from food and drug to water and waste control. Proflow Systems offers many diverse technologies to handle the varied multitude of applications in both commercial and industrial level indicator applications.

Our level indicator technologies range from simple sight glass to magnetostrictve, radar, and hydrostatic (IE. submersible level transmitter or bubbler). Let our staff of experts help you in selecting the right product for your application

Weld Pad Liquid Level Gauge

Description This Liquid Level Gauge unit is designed to be welded directly onto a tank or other liquid-containing vessel. Standard Liquid Level Gauge units are furnished with a flat bottom. Upon request, the unit can be machined with a cylindrical radius to match the contour of the vessel. The … [Read more...]

Reflex Liquid Level Gauge

Description The Reflex Liquid Level Gauge is used to see the level of the liquid in a vessel or tank. The gauges are used as a single unit or stacked up in multiple sections to view a desired height of liquid in a vessel or tank. Standard units are furnished with 1/2" or 3/4" NPT female-end … [Read more...]

SOR Magnetic Level Indicators

1100 Series With Vista Viewing Indicator The 1100 Series Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI) is a proven method to simplify measuring liquid levels. Not only does the 1100 Series give a visual indication, it also eliminates the need for armored sight glass instruments - simplifying piping systems and … [Read more...]