Level Instruments

Level Instruments

Proflow offers level instruments for all your needs, from solids to liquids and interface. Because we work with a number of vendors who are leaders in the field of level measurement, we have level instruments using a host of different technologies, from the very simple to the very sophisticated.

From the most basic site glasses and liquid level gauges to the most sophisticated radar, ultrasonic and magnetostrictive technology, we have a solution to virtually any level measurement need.

Quest-Tec Level Gage Illuminator

Explosion-Proof Gage Accessories The Quest-Tec Solutions See-Level™ level gage illuminator for hazardous locations utilizes the latest technology to provide brilliant green back lighting to any process gage. Innovative circuitry allows for the use of an individual light source every ½” along the … [Read more...]

Quest-Tec Frost Prevention Gage Extensions

Glass-Trac plastic frost prevention gage extensions for flat gage glasses prevent frost from forming in the liquid level view slot in low temperature services. Reflex and Transparent Gages in all pressure ratings can be fitted with plastic extensions. Projecting from the view slot, the clear … [Read more...]

Quest-Tec Externally Heated And Cooled Gages

Specialty Externally Heated and Cooled Gages Glass-Trac Externally Heated and Cooled Gages may be either Low Pressure or Mid Pressure, Reflex or Transparent, and have ½” or ¾” NPT Connections. Pressure-temperature ratings and sizes remain the same as standard flat gages. On externally heated and … [Read more...]

Quest-Tec Large Chamber Specialty Gage

The Glass-Trac large chamber specialty gage is made in a special low pressure series of both Reflex and Transparent Gages. The large diameter chamber makes accurate liquid level readings possible under unusual conditions such as boiling, flashing, or foaming of the liquid. The large chamber … [Read more...]

Quest-Tec Welding Pad Gauge

The Quest-Tec Glass-Trac welding pad Gauge is used when standard tank connections cannot be used or when the liquid has solids in suspension. The welding pad gauge becomes an integral part of the vessel because it is welded right onto the outer wall. Reflex or Transparent glass is used in any of … [Read more...]

Quest-Tec Tubular Level Gages

Glass-Trac Tubular Level Gages Glass-Trac tubular level gages are available in any length desired and can be fitted with Type 1T or 2T Gage Valves . The tubular level gage  provides 360º visibility of the liquid level through strong, clear glass. Tubular glass is used in three types: Red Line, … [Read more...]

Quest-Tec Transparent Gage

Glass-Trac Transparent Gage Glass-Trac Transparent Gages use clear, see through glass on both sides so that both the color and the interface of liquids can be viewed. Electric lighted gage  illuminators are available for use on Transparent Gages and provide easy viewing of liquid levels in dimly … [Read more...]

Quest-Tec Reflex Level Gage

Glass-Trac Reflex Liquid Level Gage Glass-Trac Reflex Level Gages use prism glass to provide an excellent indication of the liquid level. All liquids appear black in high contrast to the mirror-like surface above. This clean line of separation can be sighted from many yards away. The reflex … [Read more...]

Magne-Trac Level Switches

Magne-Trac magnetic level switches shall be constructed of a non-magnetic material. Floats shall be deep drawn, spherical end, with a 360º magnet array. Indicators shall be housed in anodized aluminum. Flags shall be injection molded Amodel, 1.4” in width. Flag color shall be Yellow (liquid) and … [Read more...]

MTLT-5000 Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

Magne-Trac Liquid Level Transmitter Quest-Tec Solutions supplies the MTLT-5000 magnetostrictive level transmitter  as well as traditional sight glasses and conductivity type remote level transmitters. This wide range of products for level transmitters  allows Quest-Tec Solutions the option of … [Read more...]