Humidity Sensor

Humidity Sensor

In many industries, and in particular in the food and pharmaceutical industries, relative humidity is a key process parameter. Low humidity can cause product to dry out, and high humidity can cause contamination, product clumping, and even encourage the growth of mold. Unfortunately, humidity transmitters built to industrial process standards are hard to find.

Fortunately, ProFlow Instrumentation Systems carries a range of humidity sensors which are ideally suited to the harsh demands of the process industry. Call us for assistance with product selection.

Status SEM 161/162 Humidity Transmitter

Single And Dual Channel Relative Humidity Transmitters Features Simple Configuration Via USB Port Powered Configurator Interchangeable Digital Sensor RH, Temperature, Dew Point or (Tamb-Tdew point) Selectable Outputs High Accuracy and Stability Isolated Outputs Display … [Read more...]

Status SEM 165 Humidity Sensor

Process Relative Humidity and Temperature Transmitters Features Duct Mounting High Temperature Rapid Response Robust Construction Isolated Output Rangeable Display Option 5 Year Warranty Introduction The SEM165 humidity sensor has a stainless steel probe which offers excellent … [Read more...]