iTrans 2 Fixed Gas Detector

Remote Diagnostics, Set-up or Calibration The iTrans 2 fixed gas detector employs an intelligent electronics platform to provide one or two points of detection from a single head for maximum flexibility, superior performance and lower installation costs. With the optional HART Communication … [Read more...]

AirAware Fixed Point Gas Detector

Environmental Air Monitoring Industry proven performance combined with a new, low-profile design make the Oldham AirAware™  fixed point gas detector a logical choice for those critical areas that require continuous monitoring but not the environmental protection of an explosion-proof enclosure. … [Read more...]

Oldham Safeye Hydrocarbon Detector

Open Path IR Open Path has been designed to detect hydrocarbons in industrial applications. They are used most often in addition to point type gas detectors to monitor a wider area. The SafEye Xenon 700 consists of an advanced Xenon Flash infrared transmitter (source) and infrared detector … [Read more...]

Oldham BM25 Multi Gas Monitor

BM 25 & BM 25 Wireless Multi Gas Monitor Features Up to 5 gases simultaneously 103 dB at 3 feet audible alarm Ultra-bright flashing signal at 360° Run time of 170 hours Resistant to harsh environment Easily transportable - less than 15 lbs 30 devices per network 16 independent … [Read more...]

Oldham CTX 300 Gas Detector

The detection of toxic gases or lack of oxygen requires the installation of detectors satisfying demanding requirements. The Oldham CTX 300 gas detector range is designed for all safety needs in unclassified areas. The Oldham CTX 300 gas detector transmits the relevant data in record time, … [Read more...]