Flow Switch

Flow Switch

Flow switches can be a critical component in any process. The presence or absence of flow, or flow falling below a certain threshold, can be a critical indication of problems in a process. ProFlow Instrumentation Systems offers a variety of styles of switches from several of our key vendors, so we can recommend the best switch for your application.

Kayden Classic 800 Level Switch

Flow Switch Innovation – Kayden’s Advanced Design Kayden thermal switches use proven thermal dispersion technology to create a very accurate, economical and rugged device for sensing flow, point level, liquids interface and temperature. The sensors incorporate two platinum Resistance … [Read more...]

SOR 1520 Top Mounted Flow Switch

The SOR 1520 top mounted flow switch is a vertically mounted, vane-operated flow switch suitable for plant and OEM applications where open or closed contacts are required to signal flow or no flow conditions. The vane extension arm moves a magnet that actuates (deactuates) a hermetically sealed reed … [Read more...]

SOR T21 Thermal Differential Flow Switch

For Detection of Level And Flow The T21 thermal differential flow switch uses a thermal differential technique to measure liquid flow, level or interface by sensing changes in the thermal heat transfer characteristics of the media where it is located. The sensor consists of a pair of matched … [Read more...]

Malema Fixed Setting In Line Flow Switch

M-50, M-55 Series Fixed Setting In Line Flow Switch The M-50 and M-55  low flow,in line  flow switch monitors increasing and decreasing flow. It utilizse a single moving part which responds to fluid (liquid or gas) flowing within a system. These switches are suitable for a wide range of … [Read more...]

Kayden 800 Series Flow Switch

Patented Design The Kayden 800 series flow switch combines the failure resistance inherent in Thermal Dispersion technology with the performance and features usually reserved for much more expensive instruments. Kayden’s patented designs provide the ultimate performance and features package for … [Read more...]

SOR Vane Actuated Flow Swtich

Series 900 A vane actuated flow switch is designed for direct sensing of liquid flow in pipelines. These switches are magnetically actuated and feature rugged internal construction and all stainless trim.Minimum line pressure loss is provided by vane position at actuation. The vane actuated flow … [Read more...]