Nuflo Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

Accurate Flow Measurement

In 1957, the Nuflo liquid turbine flow meter was developed with a tungsten-carbide shaft and bearing to withstand the rugged conditions of the oil field. Over the years, it has earned an unsurpassed reputation for withstanding severe punishment while maintaining operational and measurement integrity. Today, it remains a bestseller among Cameron’s NuFlo liquid measurement products.

Nuflo Liquid Turbine Flowmeters

NuFlo liquid turbine flow meters indicate flow rate and measure total throughput of a liquid line. As liquid flows through the meter and over the rotor, the rotor turns at a speed that is directly proportional to the flow rate. A magnetic pickup senses the rotor blades as they pass and generates an electrical (sine wave) signal. These electrical pulses are then transmitted to the flow measurement readout equipment.

First Class Design Delivers First Class Performance

Nuflo Liquid Turbine Flowmeters

  1. Permanent conduit connection is standard.
  2. ROTOR is pitched and pre-calibrated to determine accuracy.
  3.  END CONNECTIONS available, flanged or threaded, standard or special.
  4. FLOW VANES increase performance at low rates.
  5. FLOW VANE HUB supports rotor assembly.
  6. ROTOR SHAFT, BEARINGS, AND THRUST BALL are made of tungsten carbide for long service without lubrication other than by the liquid being measured.
  7. RETAINING RINGS make disassembly easy.
  8. FLOWMETER BODY is sturdy, one-piece construction, precision finished.


Cameron offers turbine flowmeters in a variety of end connections and accuracy levels. Typical applications are:

  • Water-injection measurement
  • Heater treaters
  • Test and production separators
  • Disposal wells
  • CO2 injection
  • Steam generator fuel and feed water
  • Metering liquid fertilizer
  • Water, fuel, and chemical measurement in plant settings
  • Chemical tank loading and unloading
  • Measuring liquid propane
  • Insitu mining and leaching


NuFlo meters are classified as Standard Grade and Industrial Grade, based on the linearity of the meter. The Standard Grade meter provides a cost effective measurement solution for applications where higher accuracy is not required. For higher accuracy applications, an Industrial Grade meter can be used. Such meters can achieve even greater accuracy if the range of the flow through the meter is specified.

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