Flow Meter

We carry a wide assortment of flow meters

By far the largest selection of flow meters comes from Cameron Measurement Systems. Cameron offers differential pressure cone meters, turbine meters, ultrasonic flow meters, PD flow meters, as well as accessories, including orifice fittings, meter runs, and plates.

The flow meters listed below are representative of many different types that we carry. Call us if you don't see what you need and we'll source a custom solution for you.

Malema Variable Area Float Meter

Variable Area Flow Meter Series 2100, 2150, 2300, 2340 Measurement of Low Gas and Liquid Flows The Measurement Measurement with a variable area float meter in a tapered borosilicate glass tube. Series 2100 with a 100 mm flow tube Series 2150 with a 150 mm flow tube Series 2300 and 2340 … [Read more...]

Malema CPFM 8800 Coriolis Flow Meter

The CPFM Series 8800 coriolis flow meter is a family of advanced flow meters based on the Coriolis principle fabricated exclusively from PFA* (Perfluoroalkoxy) polymeric material. Series 8800 flow meters are comprised of two assemblies: one containing the sensor, the other containing the … [Read more...]

Malema Kinetic Flow Meter

Model KFM 2100 Malema model KFM 2100 kinetic flow meter is an advanced flow element that is suitable for liquid, gas and steam flow measurement with high accuracy and repeatability. Thanks to its patented design where a stream lined bullet shaped flow element that causes a minimum disruption to the … [Read more...]

Malema M-10000 Rotary Flow Meter

Feature-Rich Flow Meter And Switch with In-Line Flow The tangential or rotary flow meter continues to be the most common way to measure flow electronically in a wide range of industries. Enhancements to tangential turbine flow meter systems are producing a flow-sensing device that is smaller, … [Read more...]

Malema Flow Meters With Float

Flow Meters For Gases Clear Liquids with Float Series 6001 & 6002 Measurement Principle Variable area obtained by the displacement of a float in a conical, Borosilicate glass tube. Applications Flow meters commonly used in industry to measure the flow for: Water treatment Chemical … [Read more...]

Sureflow F-1000 Digital Flow Meter

The Sureflow F-1000 digital flow meter offers an easy to read  lcd display and can display flow rate or rate and total flow display. Features Easy read 6 digit LCD, up to 4 decimal positions Flow rate or rate and total flow display Battery operated – 2 AA batteries Factory programmed with … [Read more...]

Nuflo Orifice Accessories

Straightening Vanes The use of straightening vanes as orifice accessories in meter runs serves a twofold purpose: The turbulence often created in a complex piping system is straightened and smoothed to a normal flow pattern. The amount of straight pipe required preceding an orifice is … [Read more...]

Sureflow Variable Area Flow Meter

The Sureflow variable area flow meter combines flexibility, reliability, and quality for cost effective sure flow solutions in liquids, air, and gases. These flow instruments are field proven to be dependable, durable, and long lasting, even in the most diffi cult industrial … [Read more...]

Sureflow Positive Displacement Gear Meters

Sureflow positive displacement gear meters are ideal  for flow measurement of low and medium viscosity fluids  (solvents, polyurethanes, oils and other non-abrasive fluids) at very low flow rates as used in chemical injection. Applications AW flow meters offer these spur gear positive displacement … [Read more...]

Nuflo Differential Pressure Cone Meter

The differential pressure-based NuFlo Cone Meter is a process control and multi-fluid meter that provides accurate, repeatable and cost optimized measurement solutions. Designed to work in unprocessed and processed applications, the NuFlo Cone Meter is ideal for upstream, midstream and downstream … [Read more...]