Nuflo Scanner 2000 microEFM

The NuFlo Scanner 2000 microEFM packs the gas, steam, and liquid measurement capabilities traditionally found in large flow computers into a compact, low power instrument.

Simplicity and ease of use are integral to this instrument’s design. Basic parameters can be configured quickly from a keypad inside the enclosure. All other parameters are easily configured using a PC or laptop and the ModWorX™ Pro software provided free with every Scanner 2000 purchase.

The Nuflo Scanner 2000 is an economical chart recorder replacement, a flow computer, and a stand-alone totalizer. Its measurement capabilities include compensated gas, steam, and liquid measurements based on the differential pressure input supplied by an orifice plate or a cone meter, or the frequency input from a turbine meter. A turbine input can be used for liquid measurement or compensated gas measurement in accordance with AGA-7. Modbus® protocol and two RS-485 communication ports allow remote communication to host systems. The instrument’s ability to measure gas and water simultaneously is also a clear advantage for coalbed methane operators.

The Scanner 2000 microEFM is available in two packages: an explosion-proof package certified for use in hazardous areas, and a weatherproof package.


  • Low-power operation for remote installations
  • Fully autonomous operation via lithium battery pack (1-year typical)
  • Extremely accurate, stable and repeatable input readings using an integral MVT
  • API 21.1 compliant
  • Archives up to 16 user-selectable parameters
  • Generous log capacity: 768 daily records, 2304 interval records (6392 with expansion board option), 1152 event/ alarm records
  • Fast data transfer: full archive download in approximately 3 minutes with main board only (6 minutes with expansion board option)
  • Two RS-485 communication ports
  • Modbus® protocol
  • Configurable inputs/outputs
  • A process temperature input, a turbine meter input, a digital output (volumetric pulse output or alarm)
  • With expansion board, a second turbine meter input, a pulse input, two analog inputs, and an analog output
  • Easy-to-read LCD
  • Quick and easy configuration and calibration (1 to 12 calibration points available for all inputs)
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Performs industry standard calculations: AGA-3, AGA-7, ISO 5167, AGA-8 (Detail & Gross), GPA 2172, Cone, IF 97 (Steam), and API-2540 (Liquid).

Explosion-Proof Package

Nuflo Scanner 2000 Explosion Proof Product ImageThe explosion-proof package features:

  • an integral MVT
  • Lithium battery (standard) for autonomous power
  • External power supply (6-30 VDC) optional with internal battery backup
  • Keypad for basic configuration inside the enclosure


Explosion-Proof Control Switch

  • Push-button control of display parameters and daily log views
  • Eliminates need to open enclosure

Explosion-Proof Communications Adapter

  • Quick connect to laptop
  • Installs in conduit opening for easy access
  • Eliminates need to open enclosure

Pole Mounting Kit Options Include

  • Direct mount to an orifice meter or cone meter using a flange-by-flange manifold
  • Remote mount to an orifice meter or cone meter using a pole mount kit
  • Direct mount to a Barton 7000 Series turbine meter

The explosion-proof package (both with and without the expansion board) has received the following approvals:

  • CE approved
  • ATEX-certified, II 2 GD Ex d IIC T6 IP68 (-40°C to 70°C)
  • CSA-certified for US and Canada Class I, Div. 1, Groups B, C, D, Type 4 enclosure, single seal
  • Measurement Canada certified for custody transfer, Approval No. AG-0557C
  • ASME pressure vessel code compliant pressure sensor; CRN 0F10472.5C

Weatherproof Package

Nuflo Scanner 2000 Weatherproof Product ImageThe weatherproof package features:

  • an 8-in. square enclosure
  • an integral MVT
  • USB connection for downloading data to a laptop
  • Lithium battery (standard) for autonomous power
  • External power supply (6-30 VDC) optional with internal battery backup
  • Solar power optional with internal battery backup
  • Keypad for basic configuration inside the enclosure

Options Include

  • Solar kit (solar charger and two rechargeable 6V batteries; solar panel sold separately)
  • Radio kit
  • Pole mount kit

Mounting Options Include

  • Direct mount to an orifice meter or cone meter using a flange-by-flange manifold
  • Remote mount to an orifice meter or cone meter using a pole mount kit

Download Nuflo Scanner 2000 microEFM Specifications (PDF)

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