Flow Computers & Transmitters

Flow Computers and Transmitters

Proflow provides a complete range of flow computers and transmitters. Flow transmitters are devices that will take the information from the flow element and transmit a proportional flow signal (4-20 mA / 0 - 5 VDC / 1 - 5 VDC analog Signal) These transmitters can also transmit this information digitally. A good example of this is HART, Modbus , Fieldbus or Profibus communications.

Most of these devices would be found on liquid applications on the following types of meters - Electromagnetic, Vortex, Positive Displacement, turbine meters and coriolis. A flow Computer is a device that would usually be associated with a primary flow element (Differential Pressure Producing Device). Examples of these devices are orifice plates, venturi, and cone meters.

Flow Computers can be integral or remote to the flow element whereby the flow computer will take 3 inputs and perform calculations to produce a mass flow based on those inputs. Flow computers are also available with a muti-variable transmitter and the flow computer in one device. This allows the user to limit hardware and start-up and Commissioning costs. An example of a this type of device is the Nuflo Scanner 2000

Flow computers are typically used where mass flow calculations are necessary. An example of this would be steam, and gases. Flow computers would also be used in applications of custody transfer

Nuflo MC-I Flow Analyzer

The MC-I Flow Analyzer provides a continuous readout of flow rate and accumulated flow based on input from a turbine flowmeter. Totalizer volumes can be read in a variety of volumetric units, and flow can be measured in units per second, minute, hour, or day. Rate and total are easily calibrated … [Read more...]

Nuflo MC-III EXP Flow Analyzer

For state-of-the art liquid and gas measurement with data logging and Modbus communications in an easy to-use explosion-proof totalizer, nothing compares with the NuFlo MC-III EXP Flow Analyzer. The MC-III EXP stores more flow logs and downloads them faster than any other flow analyzer on the … [Read more...]

Nuflo MC-II Flow Analyzer

The MC-II Flow Analyzer provides separate, continuous digital displays of flow rate and accumulated flow based on input from a turbine flowmeter. The low current consumption of its liquid crystal displays and CMOS microprocessor based circuitry enable years of dependable performance from a single … [Read more...]

Nuflo MC-III WP Flow Analyzer

The NuFlo MC-III WP Flow Analyzer offers state-of-the art liquid and gas measurement with data logging and Modbus communications in an easy-to-use weatherproof totalizer. With the capacity to record up to 384 daily flow logs, 768 hourly logs, and 345 event logs, the MC-III WP is a powerful addition … [Read more...]

Nuflo Scanner 2000 microEFM

The NuFlo Scanner 2000 microEFM packs the gas, steam, and liquid measurement capabilities traditionally found in large flow computers into a compact, low power instrument. Simplicity and ease of use are integral to this instrument’s design. Basic parameters can be configured quickly from a keypad … [Read more...]