Flow Instruments

ProFlow Instrumentation Systems Inc. started business by supplying flow instruments to the process industry. This is still one of our areas of strength. From simple ball and paddle style flow indicators, to flow switches, flow transmitter and fully integrated totalizing flow meters, ProFlow has a solution to your flow needs.

In addition to instrumentation, we offer complete turn key flow systems. From a single transmitter or valve, to a complete turn key industrial control package, ProFlow Instrumentation Systems Inc. is there to support your application requirement.

Kayden Classic 800 Level Switch

Flow Switch Innovation – Kayden’s Advanced Design Kayden thermal switches use proven thermal dispersion technology to create a very accurate, economical and rugged device for sensing flow, point level, liquids interface and temperature. The sensors incorporate two platinum Resistance … [Read more...]

SOR 1520 Top Mounted Flow Switch

The SOR 1520 top mounted flow switch is a vertically mounted, vane-operated flow switch suitable for plant and OEM applications where open or closed contacts are required to signal flow or no flow conditions. The vane extension arm moves a magnet that actuates (deactuates) a hermetically sealed reed … [Read more...]

SOR T21 Thermal Differential Flow Switch

For Detection of Level And Flow The T21 thermal differential flow switch uses a thermal differential technique to measure liquid flow, level or interface by sensing changes in the thermal heat transfer characteristics of the media where it is located. The sensor consists of a pair of matched … [Read more...]

Safesite Teflon Lined Flow Indicator

Description The Safesite teflon lined flow indicator utilizes two Model I or Model L Flanges units with Teflon inserts or seals (depending on pressure) that are bolted to a Teflon® Lined Cross. The Safesite teflon lined flow indicator employs standard 150 psi ANSI B16.5 (1 1/2" thru 8") flanged end … [Read more...]

Full View Sight Flow Indicator

Description The Full View sight flow indicator is an inline flow indicator  that is used to provide 360-degree viewing of material flow through a line. The Full View unit is available flanged from 1/2" to 6" sizes, NPT pipe thread 1/8" to 2" sizes or sanitary 3/4" to 6" sizes. The Full View sight … [Read more...]

Bull’s Eye See Through Flow Indicator

Description The Bull’s Eye see through (SeeThru) flow indicator unit is an in line see through flow indicator(SeeThru) type that is used in existing or new piping to observe material flow through a line. The see through flow indicator is available for standard ANSI B16.5 (1/2" to 11/2") flange ends … [Read more...]

Nuflo MC-I Flow Analyzer

The MC-I Flow Analyzer provides a continuous readout of flow rate and accumulated flow based on input from a turbine flowmeter. Totalizer volumes can be read in a variety of volumetric units, and flow can be measured in units per second, minute, hour, or day. Rate and total are easily calibrated … [Read more...]

Malema Fixed Setting In Line Flow Switch

M-50, M-55 Series Fixed Setting In Line Flow Switch The M-50 and M-55  low flow,in line  flow switch monitors increasing and decreasing flow. It utilizse a single moving part which responds to fluid (liquid or gas) flowing within a system. These switches are suitable for a wide range of … [Read more...]

Malema Variable Area Float Meter

Variable Area Flow Meter Series 2100, 2150, 2300, 2340 Measurement of Low Gas and Liquid Flows The Measurement Measurement with a variable area float meter in a tapered borosilicate glass tube. Series 2100 with a 100 mm flow tube Series 2150 with a 150 mm flow tube Series 2300 and 2340 … [Read more...]

Malema M-XF Excess Flow Valve

M-XF Series Malema’s valves provide instant shut off in the event of a hose  break or line failure, preventing the release of hazardous or inflammable products to the area, which can result in a disatrous fire or explosion and untold damage to personel and equipment. Note: All LPG tank cars and … [Read more...]