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ProFlow Customer Quote

“In the broad field of process control instruments the search for accurate measurements can be difficult. Prior to dealing with ProFlow, many of our previous instrument purchases worked well during the demo and during their first week of service but failed shortly thereafter.”

“ProFlow technologies has continually provided “best fit” products and solutions that have not only been successful, but have also been able to stand  the test of time. I would consider this ability to successfully match process control instruments with applications to be their greatest strength.”

Dan Neuts

Process Automation Specialist, Hiram Walker & Sons Limited


ProFlow Customer Quote

“While trying to address component issues at DMX Plastics, ProFlow was very effective at finding the right solution to our problems. Having a wide range of product lines to choose from, along with a thorough understanding of process control disciplines, they managed to solve our needs in a cost effective manner.”

“After many successful dealings with ProFlow, I would not hesitate in recommending them to assist with the process control instrument needs of any industry.”

Nick Stabler

Production Engineer at DMX Plastics

ProFlow Customer Quote

“ProFlow has successfully grown their business over the period we have worked with them. Their output has surpassed that of other rep companies with many more salesmen. They are connected to several significant OEM and engineering companies and routinely spec our products.”

Peter Collins

Regional Sales Manager, SOR

ProFlow Customer Quote

“ I have always been impressed with the energy and dedication ProFlow devotes to their customers. In my time working with ProFlow we collaborated many times to provide unique time and money saving solutions to  clients. I highly recommend ProFlow for all your sales needs.”

Russ Carlson